It's time to get your pitch on. 

Passionate about reimaging school?  Meet us at New Orleans Entreprenuer Week.  This year, 4.0 can't wait to introduce you to ten new education experiments and ventures that are building the future of school, one piece at a time.  Educators, entreprenuers, and technologists have been in the 4.0 Lab hacking on ideas for teaching preparation, STEM learning, connecting curriculum and careers, and more.  They're ready to share them with you for feedback and iteration.   And we need your help to give away $30,000 to the teams you think have the most promise. 

Tess Brustein, Smarter Cookie
Christine Ortiz, Blank Schools
Stephen Gilman, MakerState

Samantha Diamond and Monika Smyczek, CultureConnect

Andrew Larimer
Mikey Muhanna, Positive Space
Nicki Anselmo

Hassan Hassan

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